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Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Worrying About Your Finals Scores

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I recently received a email from a student that I found terribly depressing. If I had a glass of water I would have splashed him in the face with it. Heck, if I was in his general region I'd go out of my way to slap him for thinking this way. “SNAP OUT OF IT!” I'd scream.

This student spent his email talking about how terrible he thought he did on his finals. He was absolutely convinced that he bombed. He found the idea of waiting for the test scores dreadful. Now... I sympathize with worrying about a test score but in this case, I could make an exception...

Why couldn't I sympathize with him? Because this student is someone I've talked to a boatload of times already. I know him to be an A student. Really... he didn't bomb.

So... if you're suffering as you wait for your finals scores to be announced. Keep these five things in mind:

1. Good Students Have A Buffer

If you're the kind of student that's worried about your finals score then you're probably the kind of student with a buffer. If you're a B or higher student then you probably could completely fail your finals and still get a passing grade. If you're a C student then you probably would still need to fail pretty bad on the finals for a fail in the course.

If you're a D student... Yea... Sorry... Can't help you there. This is one of the reasons you need to treat the rest of the school year so well. It makes the end of the school year a whole lot easier to manage.

But seriously, the vast majority of students stressing out about their finals scores are the same students that have nothing to worry about. A few points are not the end of the world. Worrying is just going to do more harm than good.

If you absolutely need to then just look at your class information and try to figure out what you'll score if you completely bombed it. Usually, you'll find that the worst case scenario isn't the end of the world. (If you find out otherwise then make sure to kiss the ones you love goodbye. Oh... and take out tons of loans.)

2. It's All Over

Despite that knot hanging around in your stomach, there is absolutely nothing you can do about your finals scores after you take your finals. (Short of bribery.) You've taken the test. The moment is over.

Stress is meant to help you prepare for things in the future. When the test has been taken, the stress is not telling you to worry about that test score. It's telling you that you need to learn one of two lessons. Either, you need to prepare better for your finals in the future. Or... You need to learn to relax a little bit after the moments over.

Learn your lesson and move on with the more important things in your life.

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3. The Pleasantly Surprised Principle

The vast majority of students worry, at least a little, about their final's scores. I've worked with tons of students and just about everyone of them holds some kind of inking of doubt after a major test. That's completely natural. Students like to prepare for the worst. That could even be a good thing. There is one thing that I learned from all this though. I call it “The Pleasantly Surprised Principle.”

The students that worry about their test scores usually end up pleasantly surprised. The students that don't worry about their test scores can go either way.

Worrying is a sign that you value your test scores. The fact that you value your test scores suggests you are the kind of student that prepares appropriately for your tests. That means, you're probably going to end up pleasantly surprised after all this.

4. Lessons To Learn

If you're actually completely convinced you failed the test then you have a more important reason to relax a little. By this, I'm not just talking about a little worried. I'm talking about, if you took the test and had to guess completely on most of the questions. In this case, you have very good reason to be concerned.

When you bomb a test completely, it probably means you were terribly prepared for the test. That even goes for those of you saying you're just a terrible test taker. Terrible test taking can cause major problems but it's not the sole cause of bombing any test.

You're worrying because you have a problem that you need to solve. You need to figure out why you bombed the test (not just excuses) and solve that problem. If you don't you're going to be stuck with this same nasty feeling in your stomach every year for the rest of school.

(This blog may be able to help. Check out the articles.)


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Seriously... Don't you dare waste the beautiful weather. You'll have plenty of time to worry about your finals later. School means absolutely nothing compared to the time you have. This summer you're being offered one of the greatest gifts in life. (When you get a full time job you'd kill for a summer off.) Enjoy it.

School will still be there in a few months. Good news or bad news, you're still going to be able to get those grades recovered from. What you can't ever do, is get the time you waste back.

Does that mean you should drop the books and learning and hang outside until your skin burns to a crisp? No, but make sure you save at least a little time for doing the things that you love. Don't let the stress of the school year ruin all of your summer.

So... Relax a little. You're worrying now is not going to change anything about your finals scores (assuming they're over!) Be sure to check out this blog regularly and maybe even get one of my books on studying faster.

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