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How To Study Faster 

Book Recommendations:

Here are a few books I recommend to make your studying happen faster than ever. Why do I recommend them? Mostly because I wrote them. If you like the content on this blog then these books will give you more awesome tips than you could shake a stick at. (Why are people shaking sticks? Is that a sexual reference? I really don't know.) 

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17 Kick-Ass Study Strategies

This is my latest baby where I give 17 study strategies (that aren't the same old crap they teach you in school. Heck, your teacher will probably argue with some of them.) This book is the quickest way to get all the information you need to bump up your grades easily. 

100 Study Secrets (Your Teachers Don't Want You To Know About)

The vast majority of the old cliches about studying are completely wrong. Just think about it. How well has your average teacher's advice worked out for your grades? This book gives you one of the most thorough brain massage possible. Once you're finished with this one your brain's going to be a primed machine ready to blow those grades off the charts.

Master Your Memory

This book wasn't originally intended for students. It's specifically about working with your memory. This is not quite as light as the other two books but if you're looking to understand some of the underlying concepts (and are looking to get that final pump of study steroids. Legally, of course.) Then this is the book for you. 

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