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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best Way To Memorize Lines

Getting your brain into tip-top shape is essential for remembering lines. Not everyone can remember everything that they need to right when they need to but anyone is capable of learning them. Whether you're looking to learn a song or a script, there are plenty of ways that you can make it stick. While some people think it takes days and days to get a script down, for most people, it can be done in just a few dedicated hours. That is, if it's done right. This is the best way to memorize your lines and it takes significantly less time than you might think. Some of the key points that you need to keep in mind include:

Get The Point

Before you start trying to remember anything, do what you can to understand the song or script. If you don't understand a word then look it up. If you understand all the words but don't quite understand why they're being used, try and find someone that can help you. Understanding the point can help the memorization process immensely. While the words are useful, knowing the point can make sure you don't get lost in a pile of random words. Once you get the point of the play you can try to start remembering them.

Practice The Same Way You Do (or just do)

Many people set out to practice their lines. That's one of the least effective ways to remember your lines. Instead of practicing your lines, just perform them. That might sound a little crazy if you don't get the difference but it's important. When a person practices, they're usually not too worried about looking down at the lines or falling out of character. When a person is actually performing the song or script, they would be embarrassed to suddenly speak quietly and mumble. Treat your practice time just like you treat your performance.

Use Multiple Senses

Try and use every sense that you can while learning your lines. Instead of just reciting the lines, try and move your arms as if you were actually performing. If you get the chance then listen to someone else perform the lines. The best way to memorize lines for many people is to watch others performing them. Some people can remember much better if they write down the lines too. Anything you can do to include another sense will help your brain manage the memories you develop.

Understand The Authors Flow

Authors write things that flow in a certain way. Some writers write lines that are meant to be read quickly. Others write to be read slowly. Many authors like Shakespeare write in a particular meter. Songs are almost always written with a very obvious flow. Once you understand how the lines you're trying to remember flow, you will be much more capable of remembering them in the moment you need them.

You might even recognize this from a song you love. You might be able to sing along with it perfectly but if I asked you the third line of the 2 verse, you might need to sing the first line, then the second, and on and on to get it. Flow makes remembering things easier. The better you find a flow, the better off you're going to be.
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Work In Chunks

Don't expect to memorize everything you need in one sitting. It's best to split up the lines you need to remember into small sections. You can memorize each small section separately. Use as little, or as much time as you have between each section. That will make sure you're as confident as possible stepping into every line memorization session.

Not everyone benefits the same from any particular way to remember lines but using these methods you'll be able to make the most of the memory you have in the least amount of time. The best way to memorize lines is different for everyone but using these simple factors you'll be able to design the best method for yourself.

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